Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sick Days..So much fun

So this week Megan and I (this is Cody if you didn't already know that) were both sick:( I got better quicker but Megan is still sick :( It's no fun but since she had a sore throat i took her some Moose track ice cream, her second favorite kind of ice cream i tried to find her favorite kind, snickers, but both the stores i looked at were out :/ so i went with her second favorite and i took it to her house. There we played Mortal Kombat with her big brother Gabe and then once Gabe had left we played Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. We were both on meds and a little loopy so it lead to an interesting afternoon. Also i am pretty horrible at mario haha Megan started school today, she is still sick but she toughed it out. I start school in 11 days (yay sooo excited...not) hopefully it will go well too. Well i don't really know what else to say today..I Love Megan! I can say that, i always say that :) but anyways i will leave you with a picture of Megan eating a gold fish (this is when we were both loopy so..yeah)

                                                      She is so Cute :) I Love Her